A former BBC reporter and owner of a media production company with considerable experience filming a wide range of subjects, all over the world. As a consultant, providing tailored media training programs to companies, charities and universities.

Media background

A small sample of employers and clients in both marketing and media include:


BBC, TUI, Guardian Newspapers, CNN Traveller, First Choice, Equity, The Financial Times, Responsible Travel, Pura Aventura, Ski Armadillo, Travel Africa Magazine, In Your Pocket Guides...

Client history


Story Arc:

where the sum of the parts truly is greater than the whole...

StoryArc is the result of a conversation in a cafe between a marketing executive and a media professional. The concept of forming a partnership with companies rather than simply selling in piece-meal film projects was crafted over several strong coffees.

Marketing meets media over coffee


Marketing background

A senior travel industry professional with extensive experience in making marketing profitable in the commercial cut and thrust of modern tourism, both as a consultant and as a board member of several household names.


The concept for StoryArc Travel Partnerships is the evolution of a similar service provided to charities and academia. 


This is an example of a film made by staff at the Institute of Development Studies, following a bespoke media training program: 


We know the benefit of good video, but with so many distant destinations in our portfolio it would be prohibitively expensive for us to get a traditional production company to make all the films we want.


Partnering with Story Arc means making our own films becomes a possibility, they look good and they are affordable. 


We found the training to be friendly, tailored and accessible. The editorial and marketing support we get before each trip means we come back with the right footage which is turned into short films we can get using. We know the clients love seeing them, they tell us so, and it's fantastic for our credibility with prospective clients to be able to say "We shot that!"​


Thomas Power

Pura Aventura