Videos are increasingly dominating the world of SEO. Engaging, regularly refreshed and relevant videos have a significant and ever more important impact on how well your website ranks. StoryArc helps you give your customers lots of great, new videos to watch.

Better SEO

Video isn't only an essential marketing tool, it can also be used to enhance your internal communications. StoryArc can help you build your video library into a key source of detailed and easy to access product information. 

Boosting internal product knowledge

You get more than just a marketing video when you  have Story Arc as your media partner....

With StoryArc as your partners you will be able to generate a regular flow of videos in-house to post on your website, keeping the videos you offer your customers fresh and up to date.

One of our clients is Pura Aventura. We trained their staff before they went off on familiarisation trips earlier this year to South America. None of them had any previous filming experience. This is a film shot entirely by Pura Aventura staff members on location in Chile:

Videos, not just a video


Flexible films

With a traditional stand-alone video production there's a lot of wasted imagery that doesn't make the final cut. StoryArc help you get the best out of all your footage by repurposing it, for example, as vines or vlogs.


"It's fantastic for our credibility with prospective clients to be able to say "We shot that!"​


Thomas Power

Pura Aventura